The Sorcerer from Nocturna

I kept seeing this miniature float about online and caved on buying it. I love the how the delicate sculpt conveys so much movement and power.  Nocturna Models has so many great characters available. A friend of mine is a fan of Raistlin and the Dragonlance stories in general. I thought this would be a …
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Loki, Circle Warpwolf – Heavy Warbeast

NOVA is quickly approaching again and Loki was this year’s donation.   I loved the sculpt immediately and had such fun painting it.  My photography still needs work though. I have a habit of taking and processing pictures when my eyes are tired. The pictures look great until I see them the next day, but …
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Meeting of Winter

This was a fun challenge. I haven’t done dioramas before and was asked to use the minis sent to me in a scene with a waterfall. It led to a spring unicorn and foal meeting up with the winter pegasus. The client called it Meeting of Winter. The pegasus came from Reaper Miniatures. I’m not …
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Feiya, Iconic Witch and Fox Familiar

I’m finally catching up on my list of commissions…. now I have to catch up on website stuff. I was asked to paint Feiya and her familiar, Daji, adhering to the original artwork by Wayne Reynolds as closely as possible. This is a 28mm Pathfinder mini by Reaper Miniatures. I’m impressed with the intricate sculpt …
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Winter Skorne

I’ve been quite busy over the last few months, but only some to do with painting. This last commission took some time but it’s finally finished. I was asked to add on some winter furs to Skorne Beast Handlers and create snow and ice bases for the five handlers and a Cyclops. This project held …
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Amiri, Iconic Barbarian

Right after the Russian Coalition was boxed up, I jumped on the next commission. This is Amiri from Reaper Miniatures from the Bones line. I painted one other Bones miniature but this is my first commission involving  this material. I followed the reference picture as close as possible, with some slight changes. I wasn’t sure …
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Son of Thunder from Confrontation

I finished up the Son of Thunder mini tonight. I was going to update in small pieces but got in a nice painting flow and cruised right through the rest of the mini. As I mentioned before, this is for a charity auction called Heros for Heros. I’m planning on setting up the auction next …
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Ameiko Kaijitsu

I finished this mini a while back but finally put the pictures together. This is Ameiko Kaijitsu from Reaper Miniatures. Also, I’d like to introduce my crew. They don’t paint much but they enjoy getting in the way. Yeah, I do spend most of the week with my cats while I paint but I assure …
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Dragon, Kyra, Seoni…. done!

After working on these guys for quite some time, I finally was able to sit down and finish them up this week. It’s such a relief to be able to get home at a reasonable hour, paint uninterrupted, and actually get some commissions finished.  I love the fact that my customers are patient and forgiving …
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Painting Kyra’s Face

While waiting for the watery layers of Red Dragon to dry, I worked on Kyra’s face. Below is the artwork that I was sent to use as a reference.   I used a base coat of Olive Skin Highlight and Dusky Skin. I mixed it about 50/50.  A mix of Walnut Brown and a small …
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Fearless Frost Dragon from Ral Partha

I painted this dragon for a commission and I’m pleased at how it came out. It’s mainly a black dragon, highlighted up to a shade of blue on the body and wings and a greenish grey on the scales.  I tried for glowing eyes as was in the reference I received.