The Year in Review: 2018

Warning: Long post, somewhat pic heavy I’ve been kicking around writing a recap of this last year but haven’t sat to do it until now. It’s been a really challenging year…..and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m at that age where challenges have become greater and more frequent. It’s how I react that will …
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Every so often I get it in my head to update my website and it’s usually more of a struggle than I expected.   I’ve pared down my old posts and am no longer accepting large army commissions. There are so many other companies that are good for that and I’m far more interested in creating …
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Starting Some New Projects

I promised some WIP pics and other stuff and finally have a few minutes to put it together. I managed to prepare a few projects for myself while I’m waiting for my next two commissions to show up. I have a Sorcerer from Nocturna Models, Sail Away bust from Broken Toad, Ragnar Lothbrok from Scale …
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Fun with Photography

Disclaimer: This is NOT a photography tutorial. I’ll put some links of tutorials on the bottom of this post in case that’s what you’re looking for. This is merely a write up of my struggles behind the camera. Artists of all sorts have to wear many hats. Since I’ve started doing commission painting so long …
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