Starting Some New Projects

I promised some WIP pics and other stuff and finally have a few minutes to put it together.

I managed to prepare a few projects for myself while I’m waiting for my next two commissions to show up.

I have a Sorcerer from Nocturna Models, Sail Away bust from Broken Toad, Ragnar Lothbrok from Scale 75, and Loki from Privateer Press Hordes faction.  The Sorcerer will be for a long time friend, Loki is going up for the silent auction at NOVA, and the other two are for my own growth as an artist. I may sell Ragnar when I’m done but I believe the Sail Away bust will go to my shelf. For the last 15 years painting miniatures, I only got to paint a handful of my own collection and I rarely keep them in the end.


I was able to get a start on Loki this week. I’m hoping to get more time on him this coming week. I’m going for a darker look than the box art. So far I’m really enjoying this sculpt.





I do have a few finished works on my shelf waiting to be photographed.  I just received a Canon DSLR . I want to figure that out and provide better photos than my cell phone pics. That task is on the list for this week as well.


I hope everyone had a great weekend.



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