Hello and Welcome!


Still Life Miniatures is a custom painting service that caters to all sizes and genres of models and miniatures.

I started out in 2002, painting wargaming miniatures, and have since developed a love for larger scales, historical models, and expressive busts.   I’ve painted for charities, for sculptors of large companies, as well as other organizations and still take joy in making my customer’s favorite characters come to life.


best vinyl cutterEach commission is treated as a new challenge and is painted to the best of my ability that the mini allows.   I price each project individually based on how much time it may take me, the amount of details wanted, and the complexity of the scene.

While I used to bang out large armies and troops, I no longer accept those commissions. There are many larger companies that are great for that use. I’m interested in creating characters that can be either fielded on the gaming table or kept safe on a display.

Work in progress photos will be taken regularly and sent for approval. Communication is key for the operation of a commission service and I promise I won’t leave you hanging, wondering what’s up with your project.

I don’t require a down payment but I won’t ship the project until the agreed payment is received.

If you’re interested in a commission, please use the contact form provided. Feel free to email me links and references. The more information I get upfront, the easier it will be to price out the commission and the overall project will go more smoothly. If it’s something that you want left up to my own creativity, then that’s okay too. 🙂

When you get  your quote, please get back to me to let me know if you’d like to be put in queue. I understand if you’d like to seek out other artists and I can help you find someone else if you’d like.


I can create just about anything. I primarily use acrylic paint but will also use oils, pigments, watercolors, resins, and just about any material that will get the job done.   Having been a dental technician for almost 20 years, I have access to some materials, techniques, and instruments that make creating small works of art easier.


I’ve left this page purposely simple so you can get a quick overview of how I work. Visit the Blog tab to view works in progress,  photography, as well as other arts and adventures that I get myself into. If you have any suggestions for this website, please let me know.

**NEW**    3D Printing Services:

I’m officially opening up for 3D printing services. I’ve had a year of practice with the FDM printer and improved quality greatly. I also picked up a resin printer so I can print fine detailed miniatures and files from companies like Hero Forge. Get your mini printed and painted in the same place.