Verlinden’s General Krasinsky

So…. if you follow my social meda, you’ve seen this guy… for a long time. I’ve probably been working on him intermittently for at least 8 months.  This one is a 120mm resin Superscale model from Verlinden. I relied heavily on the box art along with some online references for the colors. Historical models are challenging in their own way, as the uniform colors and embellishments need to be accurate.

This was my first large scale historical figure, and this model was already damaged in a couple of areas. In the pictures, you’ll notice that the front leg is bent. I should have been more persistent in fixing that in the beginning. Next time I definitely will be.

I’ve been told that Verlinden is no longer in business, but I do have a friend (where this model is going) that has a few more that I will be painting.

The base is a mix of Milliput, sand, gravel and some home made grasses.


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