Every so often I get it in my head to update my website and it’s usually more of a struggle than I expected.   I’ve pared down my old posts and am no longer accepting large army commissions. There are so many other companies that are good for that and I’m far more interested in creating something more individual for my customers.


This blog area will hold my work in progress photos, which I hope to post more of as well as general photography and whatever life throws my way. It’ll be a hodgepodge of writings and pictures. I’ll still put my finished works on the other page so they don’t get lost. I added a tutorial section. When I do more streaming to Twitch, I may embed those videos in that section if it’s something interesting enough. I don’t see myself having an actual scheduled show but I think it’s still a good platform for when I want to show something specific.


If there’s anything you, the reader and follower, would like to see on this  site, feel free to email me or drop a comment. I’m always up for suggestions on how I can improve.

Thanks for hanging in with me all these years… and welcome to any new folks that I may have picked up. 🙂

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