Happy New Year

My friends, it’s now 2020. The last time I posted in this blog was a year ago. I know I wrote on how tough the previous year or two was and how many changes were coming for me in 2019. I just didn’t have the exact details on how the year would play out.

Well, change did come. It took a bit longer that I had expected, but happened just how it needed to.

It was another year of loss for my tribe. Whether on two legs or four, they are all well missed.

I moved to this place, with my guy, 6 months ago. We’ve been together for 10 years, but circumstances delayed us getting a place together… and those same circumstances allowed us this space for us. Life is so weird.

Studio cat has a new sister and they’re getting along for the most part. She’s a bit dramatic, but I think she likes playing with him.

I’ve picked up a few new things this past 6 months. I’ve taken it upon myself to learn ZBrush. My practice is intermittent and slow, but I have some ability to digitally sculpt now. I also learned a bit of Fusion360… just enough to get myself in trouble.. make a few, very simple, custom items for printing.

Speaking of printing, I’ve printed some pretty neat custom … stuffs…. for friends. I also picked up a resin printer. I see myself getting more of those in the future for sure. I can now expand my services to print minis from Hero Forge for my customers.

Another one of my fun distractions is to cast resin. My guy and I have been working with epoxy resin for many years on large projects and I wanted to do something small. I decided to mold and cast my own dice. I’m finding that I’ll need a pressure pot to get the results I’m looking for, and that’ll happen at some point for sure.

In all of these changes to the daily routines I had formed at my old place, I let my website slide. When you’re renovating a place, stressing about work, and trying to focus on commissions, printing and painting alike, it’s easy to drop a ball or two. I noticed last night that I had missed a few emails from potential clients. I ran some updates this morning and did a test, and now information from the contact form is forwarded to me again. If you’re one of those people reading this, I sincerely apologize.

I know I don’t share the intimate details of my life on here or social media. I want people to know me but I’ve never been comfortable sharing all of the things to the open internet… but trust that I go through my own sets of challenges…. the peaks are high and the valleys can be low. I don’t make resolutions for a new year, but I do feel a sense of a reset. A time to reflect upon my actions and attitudes and to think on how to better myself.

Below are a few pictures that I had grabbed from my Facebook page that highlights some of the projects that I’ve completed.

I sincerely hope that 2020 will be a year of growth, prosperity, and adventure for all of us.

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