The Sorcerer from Nocturna

I kept seeing this miniature float about online and caved on buying it. I love the how the delicate sculpt conveys so much movement and power.  Nocturna Models has so many great characters available.

A friend of mine is a fan of Raistlin and the Dragonlance stories in general. I thought this would be a perfect mini for him.   I had great ideas of a base for this guy but now that I’ve had him for some time those thoughts fizzled a bit. I do need to up my basing game but I would also like to get this to his new home soon. The original goal was to have it delivered by May for a birthday and I’m already quite behind that. ….. so I did a real basic job on the base.  I still like the overall mini and would gladly paint a few more in different colors. I would also like to do a scene with a dragon or another beast at the other end of his staff.

I will forever recommend this mini to anyone who wants something fun and dynamic to paint.


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