I’ve been steadily busy with commissions, taking on bigger army type projects.   I wanted to stay away from such large tasks to concentrate on historical models and higher quality paint jobs, but the lack of hours at the day job pushed me to take whatever comes my way. I’ve been making the best of it though, learning to use my airbrush more and get through commissions quicker.

Today, I have a rare free day so I thought I’d go through photos and find something interesting to show. I’ve been sending out projects so quickly that I don’t always get decent photos…. but this guy I really enjoyed and would gladly paint another.

Here we have Mortarion from Games Workshop. He’s been a popular model lately and I can certainly see why. He’s highly detailed and just a blast to paint. Not too bad to build either.

The owner wanted a nice but basic paint job. If I had to do another I’d love to get more detailed, especially in the wings.

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