Meeting of Winter

This was a fun challenge. I haven’t done dioramas before and was asked to use the minis sent to me in a scene with a waterfall. It led to a spring unicorn and foal meeting up with the winter pegasus. The client called it Meeting of Winter.

The pegasus came from Reaper Miniatures. I’m not sure where the unicorn and foal came from.

The foal came just as a unicorn and I sculpted the wings on with a mixture of green stuff and Milliput.

The diorama was built up slowly, each element added to see if it would mesh with the rest.

The water was EnviroTex Lite and Vallejo Water Effects, layered, not mixed together.


This project was a massive learning experience and I’m looking forward to building another.

Dio 3 Dio 2 Dio 1 Dio 4

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