Khanjira the World Breaker

This guy……   man what a beast.

I received Khanjira the World Breaker a while ago. It’s the largest model I’ve done and was intimidating. I worked on him in between other small commissions at first, but these last three weeks have been all this guy.

The only instruction I was given was to use a cold palette, as to create an ice dragon (although I know it’s technically not a dragon, I was corrected several times in a Reaper Miniatures group) but otherwise to have fun with it.

I wasn’t sure how to go about creating details on such a huge piece so I started laying out base colors with an airbrush. When I went back with a small brush, the details became apparent.  Ice crystals poke out from his skin and I had fun using both acrylics and oils to brighten up his scales.

The biggest challenge is that it’s made from Bones material. It took a lot of filling and I had to secure him to a heavier base to keep it from falling over. The mold lines were also difficult, some looking like the molds just didn’t line up well.

I’m going to post a few final pics of this kit.  If there’s any interest on the in between stages, contact me and I’ll write up a post on it.







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