Cement Fox

I was going to do an update on the Son of Thunder sculpt but ended up charging along and almost finishing the mini so I’ll save that for another time when he’s complete.


I was thinking of all of the odd things I’ve painted such as the princess piggy bank and Bert and Ernie and this guy popped into mind.



This is a life size cement fox that weighs about 70 lbs. I painted this for my boss’ mother. Their last name is Fox and this statue has been sitting in her barn for so long, waiting to get painted.


I primed the cement with white UGL Drylok and used Patio Paint for the details.  I picked up a few colors from A.C. Moore, and mixed the distinctive red of a real fox.  Patio Paint also makes a clear sealer. The paint already has a sealer in it and isn’t needed but I added a few coats of the clear anyway just to make sure that this will weather well.


I used the same basic techniques of base coating, washing, and highlighting as I do with the miniatures, but with a much, much larger brush.


I was honestly nervous about handing it back over as this was my first (and only so far) paint that will live outdoors but so far it’s survived two winters and I’ve had no reports of major damage so far.


This is such a great sculpt and I really loved painting something that’s outside of the miniature world. I’d love to do more at some point but I don’t have room to keep a bunch of painted cement sculptures.

2 thoughts on “Cement Fox”
  1. This is really cool. I kind of want to make a bunch of these for my garden. It never occurred to me before that you could paint your own. I am not sure where I would get a cement fox, but we do have a lot of mexican-style ceramic things for sale around here. I wonder if they would work? It would be neat to have little animals hidden between bushes and flowers…if I ever get my yard filled with bushes and flowers! This is a great way to expand your work into other areas. I envision people wanting custom painted lawn ornaments to match their preferences.

    1. Thanks. 🙂 I think you would do a good job with some garden creatures. They really are fun to paint and not all that challenging.
      I was thinking about the expanding when I found this picture. I may never be a top miniature painter but I can paint just about anything so I would like to be able to offer other items besides miniatures. There’s a feed and grain store across the street that has a ton of statues. I may offer to paint a few for them and see how it goes.

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