Custom Piggy Bank

I painted this one last spring for a little girl’s birthday. I did a post on it back then but I thought I’d share it once more with more explanation and better pictures.


I was asked to make a princess themed piggy bank. The basic criteria was “girly, pink, ribbons, and princess”.   I usually paint dark wargaming minis. This was very different project that I’m used to.


I started with my airbrush and a LOT of pink. The box it’s in was my first and only attempt at making an airbrush booth. It failed and I ended up buying one after finishing up some commissions.

Pink pig


I then added flowers, ribbons, and a tiara.



I was never good at large lettering, but I think it came okay. The mom of the birthday girl was happy with it at least. 🙂




The only pink highlights I painted on was on the tail. The rest of the bank is just the base color.



After painting the details, I put on numerous coats of gloss sealer on it. I didn’t want any paint to come off during shipping and I just used my regular mini paints on it so the extra sealer was important.


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