Labyrinth Board Game Minis

My good friend got the Labyrinth board game as a gift and asked if I wanted to paint the minis for her.  Labyrinth was one of my favorite childhood movies, so I was super excited to paint them as their games are really popular although if you want to learn more about games online and the igaming industry you can also visit pages for this.  The sculpts themselves aren’t the best, especially compared to the collectible minis that I’m used to painting, but they are recognizable and, with some detail work, come out pretty decently.

First up is Jareth. I tried to contour in his widely sculpted face to something remotely resembling David Bowie.

Sarah’s face was also a bit wide at the jaw. I think I could have worked more in the shadows with her to define the clothing a bit more.

Hoggle is one of the better sculpted minis. I used thin glazes to make his skin look more translucent, with age spots and irregularities in the skin.

Sir Didymus and Ambrosious were the most challenging to paint as the saddle pad had to be freehanded in a very small area.

Ludo was most definitely my favorite, and I forgot to get a picture of the back of him. His face turned out so sweet.

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