Treeman Ancient

Last fall, I was invited to participate in the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation’s auction for 2015. I was flattered to be asked to contribute to such an event and joyously poured over kits from my local hobby shop and picked out a Treeman from Games Workshop.

The kit comes with three head and weapon choices. I’ve never gamed and have no knowledge of the characters, so I decided to magnetize the heads and weapons.

I also wanted to offer it as a display piece as well as a gaming piece and the result is a base that pops out of the display plinth.

Photography on this guy was an incredible challenge…. and that may be a whole other post. After numerous photos taken with many different methods, these are the pics I settled on.


Treeman Ancient





The odd color choice came from my indecision but the magical character quickly appeared and I figured out how I wanted him to look.  I airbrushed some colors that I liked and did the highlights, glazing, shading, etc, by brush.  He was such a different project. I hope he does well at the auction and gets to go home with somebody.

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