Shaltari Army from Dropzone Commander

Again, I’ve been light on the updating and busy with painting. I finally found a few minutes to add some pictures and get this post up.


I painted up a Shaltari Army from Dropzone Commander. The pieces are made of a resiny plastic material. They are durable, not brittle, and have wonderfully sculpted details. I had a handful of weeks to get them ready for GenCon but I wish I had months. I could pick at those details for such a long time and still find more. I’m just so impressed with the sculpting and casting of these 10mm figures.


The customer wanted a purple and turquoise scheme and a high tech metallic look to them, but not too overly flashy. I used layers of acrylic paints and Pearl Ex pigments to get a colored sheen without mixing up metallic medium. I think the fine grain of the pigments worked much better than the flake of metallic paint would have. Just be aware that the pigments get everywhere. Cover all surfaces and remove any other painted figures, palettes, paint, water, etc..
I almost had sparkly Blood Ravens.


I really love the paint scheme on the Dropzone Commander website for the Shaltari Army. I decided to tackle all of those little dots. So. Many. Dots.


Unfortunately, the pictures don’t quite show the way the pigments pick up the light. I used the same technique for all of them, but depending on the intensity of the light, the colors look a little different from one picture to another.



Coyote Warstrider


Haven Terragates

Jagar Warstrider 2

Kukri AA Grav Tanks

Tomahawk Main Grav TanksEden Medium Gates

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