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Angie from Pegaso Models

I’ve been caught into the painting feverishly and neglecting my website phase again. The result is an almost finished Mongol General, the dragon project well under way and Angie, the angel from Pegaso Models done. Angie is featured here this time.  She is an 80mm white metal kit that I painted for an online challenge …
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M26 Pershing, 1/35th scale from Tamiya

  This is my first tank build. I painted this in oils and acrylics and used weathering powder mixed with alcohol for the mud. The base I threw together with a mix of Celluclay, white glue, and the bricks and rubble I made from dental stones and plasters from work.

Luke Skywalker and Yoda

These are the last WIP pictures and the final work of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, a 70mm white metal kit from Knight Models.  This is the first time I’ve built a base that consisted more than some sand and maybe a little grass.  I built up the base with natural sticks and sections of vine, …
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Darth Vader

Here are the last few pictures of  Darth Vader, a 70mm white metal kit from Knight Models.   He was more of  a challenge than I expected and I know that I need practice painting black. These are only slightly different from the last WIP pictures.  I ended up stripping the light saber three times and …
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