Commissions and Pricing

sotGetting A Quote:

If you’ve gotten this far and would like to get a quote, please use the contact form provided.

Include as much information as you can about the model you would like, how you want it painted, and to what quality.  While I have the ability to do my own research, links and/or pictures help a ton and will get the quote done faster.

shaltari_edited-1Details to Include:

  • Level of detail. Do you want a simple paint job or something with a lot of detail and freehand?
  • Type of basing: Again, something simple and standard or a built up display base?
  • Links, pictures, references
  •  Will there be any magnetization?

If you see a particular style that you like, please send the link or picture so I can match that style as close as possible while still keeping an original look about it.

angie Levels of Painting:

A lot of painters out there have price spreadsheets based on levels of painting. I don’t like to limit my work to a base coat and highlight so I avoid this. I have two basic qualities to ask for: standard and display.  Even those are just a basic measure, it will mostly be determined in the details.

Most of the gaming miniatures in my galleries are at my standard quality. I believe they’re above the average, but are still painted in a reasonable time frame.

There is no real cap to display quality. I learn something new from every model I paint and therefore, my top quality changes slowly over time. The historical models posted are a good example of my display quality.

When getting an idea for a model, if you start wanting a standard paint job, and decide that the model needs all sorts of freehand and a custom base, then we can work that out.

To get a better idea between the two, here are some examples:

Display Quality


Display Quality, 54mm
Display Quality, 54mm


Standard Quality
Standard Quality with Added Freehand Banner


Standard Quality



I used to have a somewhat rigid pricing system that didn’t work so well.  Over the years of commission painting, I’ve worked with very simple sculpts that I’ve painted all sorts of detail on, and likewise, worked with detailed minis that required a simple paint job.

The quote given depends on the size and detail of the mini as well as the customization that the customer wants on it. I start out with a $40 base price for a 28mm single character mini. That includes GW characters, most Reaper minis that aren’t the heroic type, and those that fall into that size category.

I add and subtract cost depending on additional size, detail, magnetization, conversion, amount of freehand, extent of basing, level of quality (which the above can determine), etc.

If the mini is under the basic 28mm size that I mentioned, then it may cost less.

I don’t charge extra for assembling nor do I give discounts for pre-assembled models. Sometimes having the model already assembled causes more problems than if it had arrived in its original box.

Any quote that I give covers assembly to final basing and sealing. If, in the middle of the project, you would like to add details or customization, I can adjust the price as needed and continue the work.



kyraCommunication is Key:

During the project, I like to stay in contact with the customer. Email is the standard way of communication but I’m available through G+ Hangouts and Skype if you would like to discuss the commission in person. Find me by name in a Google+ hangout or Jen.SLM through Skype.

On larger projects, I take pictures as I go and send them for approval. This especially goes for display quality commissions. If the project is fairly straight forward and quick then I may only send the final picture for approval. On any commission, I send final pictures for the customer to look at before mailing the mini out. This is the opportunity to suggest any final adjustments to the paint job.

I consider myself laid back and easy to work with. As long as you don’t cut off all communication, most anything can be worked out.

Perdita shapeShipping:

I use USPS Click and Ship at home and send Priority, which takes 2-3 days for US delivery, unless the customer requests a different carrier.

Shipping is paid for by the customer and will be added onto the pricing.



I don’t require a deposit before starting the commission, but if I’m providing the models, then I ask for the cost of the models to be sent as soon as possible.

I don’t ship until the project is approved and paid for. I take money orders and Paypal.

My Paypal address is:

While Paypal does take its cut, it’s my preferred method of payment at this time.

If the commission is large, I can take installments or we can work out some type of payment arrangement. I do want to get paid, but I’m not unreasonable.


I’ve never had a problem with non-payment, and I intend on keeping it this way. However, if a commission isn’t paid for within three months (or another agreed time frame) and there’s absolutely no communication between myself and the customer, then I’ll proceed to sell the model(s). If I auction them off, I’ll be sure to send the link. I hope I never have to do this.


Frost Dragon 003