Son of Thunder from Confrontation

I finished up the Son of Thunder mini tonight. I was going to update in small pieces but got in a nice painting flow and cruised right through the rest of the mini. As I mentioned before, this is for a charity auction called Heros for Heros. I’m planning on setting up the auction next …
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Bert and Ernie

Last week my brushes were on fire and I had laser concentration. This week not so much. I know by now that if I’m not working on commissions and I push to paint when I’m not quite feeling it, then terrible things may happen. I did make some progress on the Son of Thunder but …
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Making Removable Flight Stands with Sugru

I mentioned a couple of posts ago about making the flight stands for the Necron Scythes removable using Sugru, a somewhat flexible self curing putty/rubber. I’ve been using this stuff to fix just about everything around the house since I ordered it. I used about two mini packets of Sugru per base. Now that I …
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Ameiko Kaijitsu

I finished this mini a while back but finally put the pictures together. This is Ameiko Kaijitsu from Reaper Miniatures. Also, I’d like to introduce my crew. They don’t paint much but they enjoy getting in the way. Yeah, I do spend most of the week with my cats while I paint but I assure …
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Dragon, Kyra, Seoni…. done!

After working on these guys for quite some time, I finally was able to sit down and finish them up this week. It’s such a relief to be able to get home at a reasonable hour, paint uninterrupted, and actually get some commissions finished.  I love the fact that my customers are patient and forgiving …
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Painting Kyra’s Face

While waiting for the watery layers of Red Dragon to dry, I worked on Kyra’s face. Below is the artwork that I was sent to use as a reference.   I used a base coat of Olive Skin Highlight and Dusky Skin. I mixed it about 50/50.  A mix of Walnut Brown and a small …
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Angie from Pegaso Models

I’ve been caught into the painting feverishly and neglecting my website phase again. The result is an almost finished Mongol General, the dragon project well under way and Angie, the angel from Pegaso Models done. Angie is featured here this time.  She is an 80mm white metal kit that I painted for an online challenge …
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M26 Pershing, 1/35th scale from Tamiya

  This is my first tank build. I painted this in oils and acrylics and used weathering powder mixed with alcohol for the mud. The base I threw together with a mix of Celluclay, white glue, and the bricks and rubble I made from dental stones and plasters from work.