Twitch Stream

Remember about 7 months ago I was all excited about setting up a Twitch stream?   I ended up abandoning the project in frustration. The first video was really just me mucking about with the video and audio and the second I deleted because the audio was muted from Twitch. I thought I had used proper non-copyrighted music but I guess I was wrong on that.

I’ve been wanting to stream again and with having more time at home to paint, I decided to resurrect the idea. I have one video up now. It’s all about using oil paints to shade down metals.  It’s a bit awkward and I have a lot to learn about streaming but it’ll come with time. After the first of the year I’d like to stream more. The holidays have made it difficult for me to sit long enough to be bothered with recording but once schedules return to norm, I should be able to squeak out some time.


Here’s the link to my channel. Feedback is most welcomed. I do know that my camera was shaking a bit.. that’s fixed. 🙂



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