Custom Cleric

I was sent two 3D printed minis from Hero Forge. The company has a nice virtual model builder. It’s limited but has lots of choices. My client created this cleric and sent him along for me to paint.

Cleric3 Cleric1 Cleric2


The printed job has a lot of nice details. It also has a stiffness about it. The plastic retains a bit of a texture. The good side of it is that it retains paint well. The downside is that the mini won’t have that super smooth texture on the skin that a metal or resin sculpt will have. Overall it makes for a nice custom character without having to sculpt with putty.

Note: The bowstring is not printed. I added that afterwards.

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  1. Hi there. I’m one of the administrators for the Hero Forge Facebook page. I’d love to add this picture to our page, with credit to “still life miniatures,” of course. If that works for you, definitely drop us a line. Cheers!

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