Zombie Papelbon

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend was given a MacFarlane toy statue of Jonathan Papelbon. I’m not a sports fan at all and neither is my guy. The only reason I know the name is I looked it up online so I could write this post.

We were playing around with this statue, which isn’t badly sculpted. We were turning it this way and that, making fun of his expression and just having a juvenile time with it.  At one point, we turned his head and arms backwards and played zombie with it… Brrraaiinssss…..rraawwrrrrr!!!!!…. Yeah… so we’re not totally adult about everything…. 🙂

This is when inspiration hit my guy. He asked me if I could zombify this statue for a die hard Yankees fan as a gift. I figured I would give it a shot. The worst that would happen is that I would fail and ruin the statue and no one would know.

I brought him home and started with the face. A friend suggested that I melt into the plastic so I used a sharp knife and a paper clip, heated by flame, and dug in.

I painted him up pretty quickly in acrylics and used oil washes to make him look gritty.

I could have done a lot more with him but it was for a Christmas gift that I got with a pnp santa digital card, so I had (due to my forgetfulness) a short time to work on him in between commissions.

20131219_234510 20131219_234516

20131219_234522 20131219_234554

That’s him in his original position. When you turn his head and arms backwards he gets rather frightening.


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