Blood Raven Rhinos.

I finished up two Rhinos over the last two nights. Most of the time was waiting for paint to dry. Instead of flooding my own site with tons of pics of each side, I put together a collage  of pics. The only difference between the two Rhinos are the designs on the top doors. The rest of them are identical.

Blood Raven Rhinos


I kept them simple but different. I made a stencil for the insignia so that it matches what I’ve been painting on the shoulder pads of the troops.

Oil paints were used over acrylics and I dusted up the tracks and bottom parts with pigments mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol followed by a few coats of matte sealer to keep the those pigments where I put them.

The rest of the vehicles will have the same style to them although I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do for the rest yet. 🙂

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