Bert and Ernie

Last week my brushes were on fire and I had laser concentration. This week not so much. I know by now that if I’m not working on commissions and I push to paint when I’m not quite feeling it, then terrible things may happen. I did make some progress on the Son of Thunder but not enough to take pictures of.


Since I don’t have any new updates with the Son of Thunder, I thought I’d share a project that I did a while ago as a favor to a friend up north.


I was asked to paint up Bert and Ernie toys for an Officer Ernie in Maine that showed extra care by organizing donations of food and baby supplies to help ease an unfortunate financial  circumstance.


Here’s a picture of the original toys.

Bert and Ernie


I followed the contours of their existing clothing and made them into police uniforms.  I used Reaper Master Series acrylic paints and started with the brush on primer. I think I painted on four coats of the black brush on primer to carefully cover all of the bright colors.


After giving them uniforms, I coated them with brush on gloss sealer, a few coats of brush on matte sealer, and then gave their shoes a shine with another layer of gloss sealer.

Bert and Ernie Officers


I’m hoping all of the sealer will help the paint stay on the vinyl, even if they get handled a bit. I also kept the bottom of their feet their original color as the vinyl will wear better than if I had painted over their soles.





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