USS Arizona Finished

This are the final pictures of my first scale model project, a 1:700th scale USS Arizona from MiniHobbyModels.  This model has taught me many things and I now know the pitfalls of assembly.  My next model will go much more smoothly.  I’ve looked at a lot of references on building scale ships and most paint that I’ve seen have been very uniform and clean. I started out that way but figured that no ship can go to sea and stay pristine so I used varying shades of grey for shadows and lights and left the white slightly off to show some wear.  I wanted to continue the weathering and paint the details as I see with 1:350th scale but that proved to be more of a challenge in this small of a model.  One particular detail that I’m finding inconsistent with references is the direction in which the planes are facing.  I decided to go with the assembly instructions on this as they didn’t fit together correctly if I tried to assemble them facing the opposite direction.  I hit a few snags in assembling and painting but I think this came out decently for a first try and I’m looking forward to more scale models.

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